President Lincoln comes to Doylestown!

To celebrate the anniversaries of the museum and the 150th of the Civil War, the Bucks County Civil War Museum and Library hosted a visit by President Abraham Lincoln and a recreation of the 1864 recruiting drive by Doylestown's own 104th Volunteer Regiment downtown at the courthouse. The event enjoyed perfect weather and a great turnout as kids 14 and under were made honorary recruits and drilled through the courtyard.

Escorted through main street by the 2nd US Cavalry, President Lincoln's carriage made a grand entrance and the 16th US President delighted crowds as he spoke of his life, the war, and slavery. Judge Chapman, soldiers of the 104th Ringgold regiment, and ladies adorning bonnets were on hand to greet the President as he arrived at the courthouse lawn. He closed the ceremony with the Gettysburg Address before his 1864 entourage departed for the James Lorah House for cake and lemonade

To see a news clipping of the event, click here 

To see a news clipping of the event, click here





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